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Technical Specifications

We offer detailed written instructions and illustrations on how to install our preformed covebase systems as well as the adhesives that we recommend.

Informational sheet describing installation & finish specification for SpeedCove's Integral Cove Base
Informational sheet detailing installation & finish specification for SpeedCove Integral Radius / Cant Cove

Download a copy here

Preformed Corners

Unfinished 4”, 6”, and 8” inside & outside 90 degree corners

Download a copy here

Detailed specification illustration for SpeedCove Preformed Corners

Recommended Adhesives


For faster drying times, dual component, is slightly more expensive than slow-dry materials but are usually the best choice and the most popular w/ contractors for faster job turnover times and return-to-service.

1.  Most professional joint and crack patch materials that have the consistency of whipped creme or mayonnaise (not too thick or sticky), epoxy or polyurethane mix w/ at least 30 mins pot life, light in color, and easy to sand.

2.  General Polymer's fast setting 3513 epoxy joint & crack patch mastic, or (same product) renamed to FT910 Steel Seams by Sherwin Williams; has 30 min. pot life, dries fast so you can coat the same day.

3.  Westcoat's EC 72 Gel (or 7200 Gel)

4.  Kretus: Easy Patch


 5. Use leftover epoxies, polyurethanes, or primers mixed/thickened w/ Cab-O-Sil, or Areosil, etc. 



Slower drying, single component, less expensive than faster drying joint & crack patch materials.

6.  TiteBonds 771-STEP "hybrid polyurethane" is a good choice because it is thinner/easier to work w/ (doesn't get hard on cold days) and drys alot faster than most thicker/slow dry poly's, has a very strong resilient bond, and doesn't off-gas, bubble or expand. (found at Professional Flooring stores, comes in 20 oz. aluminum sausage tubes, 1.5 lbs aluminum pouches, and 3.5 gallon buckets) All the pro's without the con's, and hopefully they'll start selling in the lrg quart size tubes soon???

7.  SikaFlex 1A (slow cure) or SikaFlex 11FC (faster curing) polyurethane adhesive in quart size tubes.

8.  Sonneborn/MasterSeal NP1, Masterweld 948 polyurethane adhesive in quart size tubes.

9.  Schnee Morehead's JAWS 9200 polyurethane adhesive by Pro Installers (in quart size tubes)


** We only recommend professional grade polyurethane and urethane adhesives as far as what's offered in tubes and/or buckets. The new HyBRID Polyurethanes like TiteBond 771-Step, do not bubble, off-gas or expand during curing, resilient and therefore more impact resistant so we are moving towards them as the new best choices of materials offered in tubes and/or buckets. In contrast, some polyurethanes like Loctite PL Premium 3X's at the big box stores can bubble or expand during curing, especially the NEWER faster drying ones, so buyer beware. If you use the 3x's PL let it dry completely (to avoid bubbling your finish) then (because it dries hard) scarify it for anchor profile before coating over.

Cove Bases

Unfinished 1”,4”, 6”, and 8” covebase sideview

Download a copy here

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