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SpeedCove is the original creator, manufacturer, supplier and only non-plastic, non-vinyl, preformed covebase systems for the epoxy/resinous floor coatings industry. We started it all, and since 2002 we've sold over 2 million linear feet on 10's of thousands of projects in all 50 states and 17 countries. 


SpeedCove has transformed the industry by making slow, inconsistent, and expensive hand-troweled coving -- no longer the only solution! It's made specifically for use with all types of resinous floor coatings, cementitious overlays, stains, and even ties in perfectly with the very popular polished and sealed floors. SpeedCove quickly and perfectly creates an integral sanitary cove base for a continuous, monolithic and seamless connection between the wall and floor that is the exact shape and height the health department requires for an "integral" joint that is both water- and


SpeedCove vs. the Imitations...

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations made of non-stick plastic/vinyls and even the wrong types of polyurethanes that don't bond correctly or are not compatible w/ resinous coatings. These plastic/vinyls are hidden in fancy polymer terms, supposed "improved bonding" gimmicks, "no-caulk top edges" and cleaver advertising. Exaggerated design features covered by deceptive gimmicks hide serious performance flaws and weaknesses. These "non-stick" plastic/vinyls are similar to 5-gallon buckets, they have a high surface tension, the molecules repel, they don't want to bond to anything.


We believe it's a really bad idea to place a critically weak bonding layer within your flooring system that needs to be adhered strong, permanently, and be the toughest thing in the room! These supposed competitors claim to have "advanced technical design features" when they really are just futile attempts to bond to inferior non-stick materials. Along with fancy advertising, it's all just smoke and mirrors to distract from these critical core weakness. Plastic/vinyl is cheap, however, we all know the saying, "... you get what you pay for..." 


These imitators also use critically inadequate installation standards and short-gluing methods that don't meet code requirements and make you vulnerable to leaking, delamination, peeling, total floor failures, and toxic mold & mildew growth in a "no-caulk top edge", and many "unbonded voids". They do this to say they are "cheaper, or faster", but eliminating these critical steps is foolish. And if installers were to use the proper amount, their expensive proprietary adhesives, the cost of these imitations are actually much more expensive

than claimed. 


You don't have to risk leaks, delaminations, job failures, and your good reputation with your valued customers, get the original proven product, and do it right the first time...

Get The SpeedCove Advantage.

About Us

Unfinished 4”, 6”, and 8” covebase w/ matching 90 degree corners
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