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View images of our covebase systems installed in various industrial, commercial and residential spaces. From pharmaceutical manufacturing, commercial kitchens to garages, we have you covered. 

Residential Garages

In recent years, Custom Garages, Shops, and "Man Caves" have become amazing, and more usable home spaces!

They also need to be easy to keep clean.


Every building has to have them – and they have to be cleaned a lot! One of the best places to have an easy-clean floor with NO cracks, seams or dirty grout lines.

Commercial Kitchens

Another important place to have easy clean floors with no places for unsanitary matter to hide.

Locker Rooms and Spas

These places are always wet and need constant cleaning.

Better make that easy!

Commercial, Industrial, & Institutional

Food manufacturing, pharmaceutical, institutional, public use, and commercial facilities; industrial plants, factories, clean rooms, etc. all need integral covebases to make certain floors into a containment system in many rooms.

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