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For over 20 years, SpeedCove has transformed the epoxy flooring industry by creating a superior solution for slow, inconsistent, and expensive hand-troweled coving. We are the original manufacturer of the only non-plastic, non-vinyl, non-polyurethane high performance system on the market. Plus, our product is Green friendly with zero VOC's.


Our proven proprietary formula and design creates superior bond strength, waterproofing, and easy handling for the best performance, value, and fastest installation. It's made specifically for use with all types of resinous floor coatings, cementitious overlays, micro-toppings and stains. It also works perfectly with the very popular polished, stained, and raw sealed floors. It won't rot, swell or deteriorate over time, and can withstand extreme temperatures without warping, cracking, or deteriorating. For indoor or outdoor use.


Our 48" long pieces, along with their matching preformed corners, quickly and perfectly create a consistent cove radius for a continuous, monolithic, seamless, and permanent water-proof connection between the wall and floor. We offer 1" coves in a radius, a 45 degree angle continuous, and 4", 6", and 8" cove bases, which are made from an exclusive lightweight, flexible polyester resin composite that bonds permanently to all substrates, coatings, and finishes. Our corners come in 1”, 4", 6", and 8" sizes, both inside and outside 90 degrees. We also offer outside radius bullnose corners in all 3 sizes.


Our products are the exact shape and height required as a "sanitary base" or "coving" by the Environmental Health Departments for an "integral" joint between the wall and floor that is both water and chemical proof, creating the ultimate easy-to-clean floors! With over 2.5 million lnft. in service in all 50 states and 20 countries, find out why we sell 1000 times more than any imitations

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Click here to see our SpeedCove YouTube Channel and view other short informational videos that explain the Environmental Health Department’s sanitary covebase terms and requirements.


The original pre-formed system for the epoxy flooring industry

SpeedCove Precast Cove Base Systems create a consistent, uniform, and durable cove base quickly & easily with all floor finishes.

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